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90,000 km in our Pioneer Sundowner

90,000 km in our Pioneer Sundowner

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red 2008 Queensland August-October 10,500km
blue 2009 Centre, West July-October 19,5ookm
purple 2010 Top, Centre June-August 13,000km
orange 2011 Top end, West June-October 21,500km
green 2011 Mallacoota February 1,400km
green 2012 QLD, Top, West, Centre June-October 19,500km
pink 2012 Eyre Pen March 4,000km










Tough Bushranger

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Hi Dean & Alun,

Just wanted to thank you for the great service we recieved from you and tell you that we are thrilled with our Bushranger Camper. We took it for a weekend test and it exceeded our expectations. It is a tough, well constructed camper which is easy to set up and pack up. Next year we will really test it out on the Cape York run. Will keep you posted.

Regards Merren & Dennis